Update On Dev Bootcamp – 5 months later

This post is a follow up on my Dev Bootcamp Review. You may want to read that review before reading this post.

I’ve been getting a fair amount of emails from prospective students of Dev Bootcamp wanting an update. I’m sorry if I haven’t responded to your email, I’ve been rather busy. Here is a quick update.

I did get a job, however not as a web developer. I used my previous experience in affiliate marketing and business combined with my new development skills to land a job as a Yield Optimization Manager at Viglink. I’m sure that my coding experience and skills helped me get this job, however if I didn’t have my previous business experience, I’m also sure I would not have gotten this job. I would classify this as a high paying job, so in that regard Dev Bootcamp was able to help. My salary is on the higher end of the spectrum that they expect junior developers to get after graduation from DBC but probably about what someone would expect after 6 years of experience and success in a single field.

I’m not sure what percentage of our 25 person class has a job now after 5 months. I know a few are still looking for developer positions, and some of us have accepted positions not as junior web developers after a few months of no luck searching for one.

My guess, repeat GUESS, is that about 50-75% of my classmates currently have jobs directly as web developers with an average starting salary of $80-90k.

Fot those asking about other coding bootcamps, I don’t know much. I don’t know much about General Assembly, Hack Reactor or App Academy. I do know there are three developers at my current company and they all are very happy with their App Academy experience. This could be because App Academy doesn’t charge up front, but takes a percentage of your income for your first year of employment. It also appears that they came out better prepared, but its a small sample size and I don’t know their background. Plus if you asked 3 random students from my class at DBC, in all likelihood you would get glowing reviews.

I wanted to repeat that my previous post, reviewing DBC was just my opinion. It was formed based on my work experience, life experience, coding experience and most of all my expectations. For each person those expectations and experiences are different, thus the different levels of happiness with Dev Bootcamp.


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