ShopItLikeItsHaute – A New Project

I recently launched a new project called Shop It Like Its Haute. This is a site that allows fashion bloggers to create their very own boutique. A women’s fashion blogger can create an account at and then search through millions of products from hundreds of different online retailers to add to their own personalized store.

The end product is that the blogger essentially has their own eCommerce store. A place where they can direct their followers to purchase the items that they write about and post about on Instagram and through other social channels. The blogger will end up with a store similar to one like this that I set up for my friend Erica.

The benefit for the fashion blogger is that they can earn money on the traffic they send to the products that they choose. They can earn a percentage of the commission or sometimes earn on a per click basis. Another benefit is that its a great way for the blogger to gain new followers. As you can tell on Erica’s page, there is a link to her facebook page, instagram, twitter and pinterest account as well as a link to her blog. Anyone that comes to by way of another blogger can find Erica’s products, like her style and then become a new devoted follower!

One of the coolest things about the project is that the blogger can import their store to their blog! I have done a sample here at my own blog. If I were a fashion blogger, my users could come to my site and then find all of the products that I write about in a single place. This part of the project is an alternative to the popular fashion blog monetization company RewardStyle. They also allow bloggers to create their own store, but I think mine is better because it categorizes the products. Theirs is just a single large shop with no menu.

But is more than just a competitor to RewardStyle. It is a place for non fashion bloggers to come and find new bloggers to follow and learn about. A place for fashion bloggers to gain new followers and to showcase their products along with their peers.

I hope everyone likes it! I’d appreciate any and all feedback.


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