My friends and I were huge sports fans growing up. Didn’t matter the sport, we played it. From tetherball, to wall ball, to football, basketball, baseball, roller hockey and pool basketball, our lives revolved around sports. In high school, we would ditch school and head over to one of our houses each Thursday/Friday of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. It is during that time that the greatest March Madness Challenge ever was created, now called MarchDraftness.

I built the site, a few weeks ago. It took about 7-10 days total to build the site. It is built with PHP, HTML, CSS (Bootstrap) and some JQuery.  At first I built it as an easy way for us to organize our teams, calculate the points for each team and keep track of past years. However, I realized with not much more work I could make this site available to groups of college basketball fans everywhere. So I modified my direction and created what it is today.

You can now create an account, create a group and invite your friends to join your group. Then you will draft your teams and the site will automatically calculate your points for you, upset points and determine the winner. The game is a mix between Fantasy Football and the standard Tournament Bracket Challenge that everyone plays.

Anyway, check out the site, let me know what you think, and if you want, go ahead and register. I’m hoping to get 100 or so people signed up for the 2014 tournament so I can test the site logic and how it handles a somewhat heavier load than just me.


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