Current Web Development Projects

Here is a list of my current web development projects or examples of my skills and what I have been able to teach myself.

I am recreating my website was built using a template and custom cms that I purchased and then I hired a developer from India to build out other features.

At I have recreated all of the functionalities from scratch. I have created my own custom CMS, admin panel and ability for users to login and register for my site easily. I also implemented my first bit of AJAX/JQuery with the auto complete search bar. Most of the site is built using CSS for the styling, unlike the live site where it is composed of many images, this should help with the page load speed. Started this project in July 2013 and it is an ongoing project.

Border Radius is a fictional restaurant that is discussed in the CodeSchool CSS courses. I decided to recreate this website on my own to enhance and practice my CSS skills. It uses a few CSS3 techniques such as transitions and border radius. Completed this site in July/August of 2013.

I built this site during a course to learn how to make custom built WordPress sites from scratch. We started out with wireframes, to Illustrator to Photoshop to installing wordpress on my local server, creating content and then transferring local files and database to the live server. Completed this project in August 2013.

This is from a class I took on Udemy to help improve my PHP skills. It allows you to type a website into the form and will tell you if that website is currently up or if the server is down. Completed this project in September 2013.

This is the first project from my class. It is fairly simple, just to recreate the Google homepage using static html and css without looking at the source code. I completed this on October 16 2013.

This is another project from my Thinkful class. It started out as just css, but in the revision, I touched on some Jquery. The three containers in the middle of the page have hover jquery affects.

This is an interactive project built with Javascript. It is a play on the hotter or colder game we used to play as a child. It is also part of the class.

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