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ShopItLikeItsHaute – A New Project

I recently launched a new project called Shop It Like Its Haute. This is a site that allows fashion bloggers to create their very own boutique. A women’s fashion blogger can create an account at and then search through millions of products from hundreds of different online retailers to add to their own personalized store.

The end product is that the blogger essentially has their own eCommerce store. A place where they can direct their followers to purchase the items that they write about and post about on Instagram and through other social channels. The blogger will end up with a store similar to one like this that I set up for my friend Erica.

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Dev Bootcamp is Finished!

The last blog post I wrote about development was saying how I would keep everyone updated on my DBC experience while I was going through it. Ooops. That clearly didn’t happen. The reason being, I was just too busy and too exhausted.

Dev Bootcamp is a grind. It’s not just the 9 weeks of intensive in classroom learning, but the 12 weeks before in phase 0 also take its toll.

Here are some of the positives and negatives of DevBootcamp from my perspective. Everyone has their own opinions and thoughts, and the experience is different for each person, so remember, since this is my blog, these are just my thoughts.

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My friends and I were huge sports fans growing up. Didn’t matter the sport, we played it. From tetherball, to wall ball, to football, basketball, baseball, roller hockey and pool basketball, our lives revolved around sports. In high school, we would ditch school and head over to one of our houses each Thursday/Friday of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. It is during that time that the greatest March Madness Challenge ever was created, now called MarchDraftness.

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