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If you are like me and spend each Sunday in front of your TV watching the NFL and most Monday’s and Thursdays as well, you probably also read every available article on ESPN,, and One way to make watching the games even more enjoyable is to follow some knowledgable fans/writers/bloggers/scouts on twitter. It’s a great way to get differing opinions, insight and learn about what’s going on in games you may not be watching. I have compiled a list of my favorite NFL twitter follows.

Here are the ones that I think are must follows and my favorite follows. If you are hesitant adding so many new people on twitter, just add these. Although I think shortly you will be adding all of them, since many of them interact with each other and have mostly intelligent/mature debates.

Must Follows:

Peter King - @SI_PeterKing - Sports Illustrated’s premier NFL writer. His Monday Morning QuarterBack  article is a must read. He has a new site at

Neil Hornsby - @PFF_Neil - Founder of – great insight in to how players are actually performing. If you are an NFL fan not reading PFF, start reading it.

Aaron Schatz - @FO_ASchatz - Founder of, developer of DVOA. Great NFL follow for stats that go deeper than what you usually see on ESPN. He does write for ESPN sometimes too.

Sam Monson - @PFF-Sam - Another PFF analyst. Good secondary insights.

Nathan Jahnke - @PFF_NateJahnke - Director of Player Participation at PFF, also touches on some Fantasy work and occasionally is featured on ESPN.

Daniel Jeremiah - @MoveTheSticks - Analyst for Former NFL scout. One of my favorite follows for player opinions and ratings.

Jeff Darligton - @JeffDarlington - Reporter for NFL Network and

Aaron Nagler - @Aaron_Nagler - NFL Analyst at Bleacher Report – Packers guy. Great insight into all teams though. One of my favorite follows.

Josh Liskiewitz - @JoshLiskiewitz - College football scout. Great for info on future NFL prospects.

Bill Barnwell - @billbarnwell - writer and former Football Outsiders guy. Great analytics, breakdown and use of stats to back up arguments.

Matt Miller - @nfldraftscout - Bleacher Report writer for the NFL Draft. One of the best at evaluating prospects.

John Middlekauff - @JohnMiddlekauff - Former Eagles scout and CSN Bay Area guy. Great bay area sports info and prospect evals.

Cian Fahey - @Cianaf - Writes for Bleacher Report and Football Outsiders. Great overall knowledge of the game.

Ben Muth - @FO_wordofmuth - Football Outsiders writer.

Best of the Rest:

Todd McShay@McShay13 – ESPN writer specializing in the NFL draft. Good follow for some prospect information and updates.

Mike SandoSandoESPN – ESPN writer specializing in the NFC West. Great for NFC West information.

Jerry Rice@JerryRice – Not great football insight, but he’s the GOAT, so a must follow.

Adam Schefter@AdamSchefter – ESPN NFL insider. For injury and transaction news.

Khaled Elsayed@PFF_Khaled - He is COO and analyst at PFF. Good all around insights and points.

Chris Mortensen  - @mortreport - ESPN Senior NFL Analyst – good QB insights.

Mel Kiper Jr@MelKiperESPN – ESPN writer specializing in the NFL Draft. Doesn’t tweet too much, but occasionally has some prospect news.

Matt Barrows@mattbarrows – Sacramento Bee writer who covers the 49ers. Great for Niner practice and injury news.

Gregg Rosenthal@greggrosenthal - writer. Good follow for player insight and opinions.

Trent Dilfer@TDESPN – ESPN Analyst, quickly becoming one of my favorite QB analysts.

Chris B Brown@smartfootball – Editor of Smart Football and Grandland contributor. Great for insight and XOs.

Pro Football Focus@PFF – The official twitter account for PFF. As you can tell I love PFF.

Mike Clay@MikeClayNFL – Fantasy Football writer at Pro Football Focus. I don’t pay for PFF Fantasy stuff, but heard some really good things about it. If you are into fantasy football, definitely follow him.

John Clayton@ClaytonESPN – Senior writer for ESPN. He doesn’t tweet that much but has some killer ESPN commercials.

Rich Gannon@RichGannon12 – Analyst for CBS, former quarterback, does often have some great insight into quarterback play, especially if your team plays on CBS often.

Sogmund Bloom@SigmundBloom - Owner of Writes about NFL draft and fantasy football.

Doug Farrar@SI_DougFarrar – Sports Illustrated NFL writer.

John McClain@McClain_on_NFL – Writer for the Houston Chronicle. Writes mainly about the Texans and some Baylor football. Can go on some hilarious rants, especially this year as the Texans are terrible.

Tyler Loechner@PFF_Loechner – Fantasy football writer for Pro Football Focus

Ryan Riddle@Ryan_Riddle – Former NFL player, covers football for Bleacher Report.

Dean Oliver@DeanO_ESPN - ESPN writer big into analytics and advanced metrics.

Jeff Duncan@JeffDuncan_ - Writes for

Jason La Canorfa@JasonLaCanorfa – NFL Insider for CBS.

Pete Prisco@PriscoCBS - CBS writer. He often has very different opinions that many don’t agree with, but it is good to hear what he has to say. He will often get into twitter arguments with others on this list. Entertaining follow.

Ryan Lownes@ryanlownes – Draft Analyst for DraftBreakdown and Bleacher Report.

Andrew Siciliano@AndrewSiciliano - DirecTv Redzone channel guy. Has some funny football related tweets.

Steve Palazzolo@StevePalazzolo – PFF analyst and writer for ESPN.

Ian Rapoport@RapSheet - Insider for NFL Network.

Joe Bussell@NFLosophy – PFF contributor, good knowledge of the NFL.

Scott Kacsmar@FO_ScottKacsmar – Writer at Football Outsiders.

Josh Norris@JoshNorris – NFL Draft Writer at NBC

Dan Brugler@dpbrugler – NFL Draft Analyst for

Louis Riddick@LRiddickESPN – Former NFL player and scout and director.


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