49ers Draft Eric Reid from LSU

The 49ers were rumored to be active in the trade market, and I assumed they would, considering they had 13 picks and only have 4-5 likely roster spots available. They didn’t take much time making a huge splash, trading the 31st pick to the Cowboys in exchange for the 18th pick where they drafted Eric Reid, the safety from LSU. The Niners also gave the Cowboys a 3rd round pick.

I half expected the Niners to trade up based on what I had been reading, but I assumed it would be for an impact defensive lineman such as Star Lotulelei or Sheldon Richardson. But instead we drafted a safety, which fills one of our biggest needs.

I haven’t seen Reid play too much, and when I did catch an LSU game, I wasn’t focused on watching the safeties much. Some draft pundits are saying that Reid may have been a bit of a reach at 18 and that he was hard to distinguish between the other safeties left on the board including Matt Elam and Jonathan Cyprien.

I don’t have an opinion on this, but I do know that Harbaugh and Baalke have a pretty stellar track record thus far and I’m inclined to trust them, especially when Baalke said they had Reid as the highest ranked safety on their board, even above Vaccaro from Texas. Reid fills a huge need and apparently will fit well in the Niner’s two deep safety scheme. Safety was the number one need I mentioned in my post yesterday about what I expect the Niners to draft.

Tonight rounds 2 and 3 are being held. The Niners have 2 picks in the second including the #2 pick thanks to the Alex Smith trade with KC Chiefs. I expect them to turn 2 of these 3 picks into a second tight end and an impact defensive lineman. Perhaps Zach Ertz from Stanford, Jesse Williams from Alabama or the TE Escobar from San Diego St.

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